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Written By: oraisoopoopo - Apr• 27•17

When it comes time to pursue higher education, it can seem daunting. After all, college and higher education have a connotation of above average difficulty for above average education. However, this just isn’t the case. College is hard work, make no mistake, but it’s only another step up from high school, just like high school was a step up from middle school. Anyone can do it with the right preparation and determination. However, if you’re still convinced, here are a few tips to be more successful in your first year of college.

You’ll hear this from professors all throughout college. “Go to class.” In college, you don’t have to go to classes. Attendance policies are in place, but they vary from professor to professor, and some courses have no attendance policy at all. It can be tempting to only attend class “when you need to” in order to pass the course with minimal effort. However, getting into the habit of attending classes regularly and as often as possible will make keeping track of assignments and the learning material much easier.

A college campus is a social setting, as well as a place of learning, so you’ll find yourself interacting with professors and other students regularly. Much more so than in grades 1-12. Engaging in in-class discussions is typically a significant portion of your grade for a given course, so you may need some pointers if you’re the shy type. One way to alleviate your social anxiety can be to try to interact with students outside of class more frequently. This is called “immersion therapy,” and it’s a simple matter of putting yourself into scary situations to make them less scary as a result. It may also help to refine your wardrobe, or make other cosmetic changes in order to boost your confidence. If you’re in need of a new outfit to become a social butterfly, let ASOS is a great place to start looking.

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