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Teaching The Same Thing

Written By: oraisoopoopo - Mar• 03•15

Whether you’re a teacher or work with students in another area of education, math manipulatives are something that can be used to teach various points through the year. These are often concrete lessons that are taught in several schools in the county or state. When all of the students learn the same thing, it can be easier to help those who might have a little trouble grasping one area of the manipulative. It’s also easier to test on the subject when everyone is learning the same thing.

There are manipulatives for every age group whether they are in elementary school and learning basic math skills or in high school learning about equations. Various items can be used to teach the curriculum including blocks, buttons or pictures. When students have a basic understanding of the general concepts, they can add to those concepts in the future. Tests that are administered on the concepts learned, and after the students pass the tests, then new manipulatives can be taught. These work in classes of almost any size, but as there are more students introduced, there is a greater chance that there will be more students who won’t be able to understand some of the manipulatives that are taught.

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